Pintober Artists 2020

This year’s Pintober Artists will dazzle you with their creativity, talent, and wonderful pins.
Excited? Stay tuned this month to venture further into the world of artistic pins with the ultimate pin makers!

And without further delay, let’s introduce you to this year’s prized artists

1. Alum and Ink

Instagram: @alumandink

Building a fascinating world of outer space, 80’s and 90’s nostalgia, whales, and enchanting mythology is all what this shop is about. Stepping into the shop of Alum and Ink is truly a captivating experience in itself. Started in 2017 by Khanh Mai, a Canadian artist, born in Vietnam, currently living in the United States – Alum and Ink makes sure to leave you wanting for more.


2. Basura Gang Shop

Instagram: @basuragang

Basura Gang Shop showcases its love and hype for anime, cute and kawaii illustration, and basically brings about a portrayal of a mixture of Hispanic culture paired with art inspired by anime! Hence creating this entire world of art, print, jewelry, stickers, shirts, hats, buttons as well as bags! Started by Mariela the artist and the designer behind the brand – Basura Gang, she initially founded this venture to appreciate and develop the worldwide love for anime. The unique brand name was inspired by the phrase weeaboo trash and the motto of the vibrant label is “pink is the new black”.

Providing a safe haven for fellow anime lovers, Mariela started this journey 4 years back, only to find immense love and support for her exciting products and unique style. The shop which started out with a handful of pins now designs more than 100’s. Be it her original art or her different fanart’s the support has only grown with a lot of people tuning in to cherish her designs.


3. Cat Plant Supply

Instagram: @catplantsupply

As the name suggests, this shop flaunts its love for creating art, themed around cats and plants.
Started by Chloe – Cat Plant Supply is a small business based in Sydney, Australia, and run by her with, of course, help from her cat assistant – Litten! You can find their presence on various social media pages and more info on their website which is dedicated to selling art prints, stickers, and enamel pins.

If you can’t get enough of this duo, you can even check out their ASMR videos on YouTube, which showcases Litten doing cute cat things as well as activities involved with running her small business.


4. Celestial Fox


A beautiful art world filled with magical themes, pastel colors, and mouth-watering illustrations. Ana the founder and designer behind celestial fox started it in 2018 from Ontario, Canada, with just a handful of pins and dreams. If you find yourself gravitating towards these fantastic themes, the whole purpose of celestial fox (of adding a bit of magic in your otherwise busy life) is fulfilled!

These wonderful art illustrations and products reflect her never-ending love and motivation for creating her very own magical universe.


5. Cindy Y. Shaw

Instagram: @cindyyshaw

Cindy is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Dallas. She creates cute, clean, and quirky illustrated goods like pins, cards, and stickers. She can’t resist ice cream and learning new creative skills! Join her on her creative journey @cindyyshaw,


6. Evy Benita

Instagram: @evybenita

A Norwegian illustrator and wildlife enthusiast based in the UK, Evy Benita, produces playful enamel pin designs of animals! With a strong focus on highlighting species that are endangered, lesser-known or underrepresented- Evy Benita produces art prints, stationery, wooden pins, enamel pins, and smaller jewelry pieces in her unique way. A green brand, Evy focuses on using plastic-free and sustainably sourced paper packaging. Consisting Of over 35+ charity products where partial profits are donated to pro-active reforestation and anti-poaching charity, the commitment towards the environment is truly inspiring!

She is also the creator of the character universes “The Lotls” and “Mermaids of the Earth”. While her hands are full of activities, she also manages to juggle running an enamel pin club and art community through Patreon, and is an active project creator and member of the Kickstarter community.


7. Four Seasons Fox

Instagram: @fourseasonsfox

Sandra is an illustrator from Luxembourg. She launched her brand “Four Seasons Fox” in 2017 after graduating from animation school where she sells really cute art merchandise like enamel pins, art prints, and much more.


8. Heartbat Studio

Instagram: @heartbatstudio

Pink and black, cute and gothic, dark and sparkly – captivating aesthetics and alluring products are exactly what Heart Bat Studio offers to rend you obsessed with! With a portfolio of colorful as well as creepy stickers, prints, patches, buttons, enamel pins, and accessories ..this artist has managed to turn her dreams into reality and successfully made this brand into the absolute hit that it is today.

With a lot more designs and ideas on the way, Heart bat studio promises to keep making adorable products/ accessories that you can admire, enjoy as well as wear!


9. Joanna Behar

Joanna Behar

Instagram: @joannabehar

Joanna, a graphic designer from Paris, France, evolved from being an editorial designer to a full-time hand-lettering artist & illustrator which led to starting her own business. Her online shop is full of fun and colorful products for you to wear or display.

What started as a passion project in late 2016 eventually turned into an exciting journey. From bright and bold prints to pins, keychains, patches, or stickers, Joanna has a passion for typography and to create beautiful things you can wear, give, share, display, and most of all appreciate.


10. Jennifairy Illustration

Instagram: @jennifairyillustration

Creating cuddly creatures, adorable designs and cute foods with little feet are the top picks when it comes to Jennifairy illustrations. A full-time independent illustrator from Scotland, Jennifer hopes to bring her creations to life through pencil sketches as well as wearable icons! She realized her love for illustration and pins with the creation of her first pin about 4 years ago – a chubby little avocado with tiny feet and since then there has been no looking back for this designer.

You can find her products through her online stores, conventions, and events all around the UK. With a penchant for meeting like-minded peers and exploring the world of art and turning her cute creations into reality, her dream of bringing a smile to whoever comes across her art is well on its way to being true.


11. Kittynaut

Instagram: @kittynaut

Kittynaut is the cutest shop in the galaxy! Captain Leo Meowson and crew are on a mission to find all things kawaii and delicious, and deliver them to your doorstep! Follow along with them to explore the final frontier of cuteness!


12. LuxCups Creative

Instagram: @Luxcups

LuxCups Creative curates cute, quirky, and imaginative enamel pin designs, patches, and jewelry. Libby and John hail from Austin, TX, and draw support and encouragement from their adorable miniature schnauzers Yoshi and Porkchop.

LuxCups originated as Libby’s first endeavor in 2008…as a cupcake maker! Now drawing inspiration from their love for animals, dinosaurs, and all things cutely eccentric, they create indelible delight for those who experience their quirky creations. Now that’s a sweet segue!


13. Meow Amor Creative

Instagram: @meowamorcreative

Meow Amor Creative is a one-stop destination for creative enamel pins, iron-on patches, washi tapes, and much more! Started by designer and illustrator Cynthia Tizcareno – whose love for animals (especially cats) and spreading positivity gives this venture its unique edge. Going ahead, Cynthia wishes that her love for illustrating and creating cute artwork turns into a full-time job – something we are all excited for!



14. Mochi Bear Studio


Mochi bear studio began way back in 2016 when Tiffany, the owner found love and appreciation for her creative items at a local convention. Hence triggered to share joy and positivity through her work and creations, she opened up her very own Mochi Bear Studio. She draws inspiration for her ideas from punny, cute themes to even educational ones. Interacting with this brand is surely going to bring a smile on your face.



15. Onicake

Instagram: @onicakeco

A fun and bright brand dedicated to bringing kawaii to every corner of your life, Oni is an illustrator and graphic designer from Texas who started the venture Onicake Co to develop her love for drawing cute animals and quirky objects!


16. Pepzart

Instagram: @pepzart

Perpetual is an illustrator and designer from India who loves doodling and all things shiny.  PEPZART is a quirky brand dedicated to delivering quality art products in various forms. With a life-long passion for art, Perpetual has experimented with several mediums while maintaining her whimsical style. She started selling enamel pins inspired by her love of fantasy, magic, and cute things in 2017. Her motto is “ Dream – Create – Achieve – Inspire”


17. Pinkachii

Instagram: @pinkachii

Established in 2018, Pinkachii is a designer/artist owned brand and business run by a small team of friends and family. Starting out in the enamel pin scene, they are expanding into accessories, apparel, lifestyle, and home goods as well. Their goal is to create beautifully detailed and colorful goods for their lovely customers.


18. Poroful

Instagram: @poroful

A self-proclaimed foodie and talented illustrator – Kaka, hopes to bring a smile to people around the world through her designs and ideas. Her goal is to introduce foods from different cultures through her talents to people to increase the appreciation of food culture. She draws inspiration for her creations from her love and passion for desserts. Hoping to push her imagination further to bring drool-worthy merchandise to people around the world, this shop is surely going to get your appetite racing.



19. Rat Lady Art

Instagram: @ratladyart

Cute animals, witchy things and nature-themed designs – what’s not to love? Rat Lady Art offers all this and more. Started by a self-taught illustrator based in the US, her creative skills are only exceeded by her unending love for French fries and coffee!


20. Riselle’s Shop

Instagram: @riselletrinanes

Riselle is a Filipino-American designer based in Los Angeles. Her passion for art and design dates back to her childhood – doodling, watching cartoons like the Power Puff Girls, and everything Sanrio! What started out as daily social media posts of her illustrations in 2016 is now Riselle’s Shop! This is where she brings her illustrations of chubby animals and whimsical designs to life through enamel pins, stickers, washi tapes, and more, with the aim of bringing you happiness as much as they bring her when she creates them.



21. Sleeping Wolves Art

Instagram: @sleepingwolvesart

Kimberly is an artist based in San Diego, CA, and the one-person army behind Sleeping Wolves Art with an obsessive passion for all things wolf-related and the colors mint and teal! Originally a pin collector turned pin designer, who began their unexpected pin making adventure in the fall of 2017, she enjoy’s creating art that people will enjoy, and share with others.

This shop includes a variety of products such as enamel pins, stickers, pouches, bags, and more. She hopes to expand her shop to include more different types of products in the future such as notebooks and apparel.



22. Soy Christy

Instagram: @soy.christy

Christy is a Mexican-American artist who runs SoyChristy, a brand that celebrates individuality and femininity. Based out of Los Angeles, Christy is a creative latina designer who currently designs cheeky, cute, and feminine stickers, enamel pins, prints, and magnets. SoyChristy began with saucy hand-lettering prints that soon expanded to pins after her close friends encouraged her to create them based on her lettering.

After attending her first event with much success, she continued to expand her brand. Her shop has a growing customer base, some of who have supported and followed her since her first pin! SoyChristy is on an upward trail with hopes of expanding its catalog to apparel, canvas, and more!



23. Ted & Kip

Instagram: @tedandkip

A journey that started in late 2016 with a dream of turning illustrations into wearable art. This small business was created by designer and illustrator Anna, who is based in the UK. Creating colorful eye-catching products is at the heart of this venture, all while being tongue-in-cheek and unique.

This brand has grown and expanded over the past four years and currently sells prints, cards, jewelry, stickers, and homeware. Anna shares her love for all things quirky, cute, with a small variety of options if you’re looking to check out a bit more mature themes as well.



24. The Pink Samurai

Instagram: @thepinksamurai

A business which started in 2006,  The Pink Samurai is all out filled with cute, cats, and a whole lot of glitter! Becky, the full-time talented illustrator, and part-time crazy cat lady started creating enamel pins in 2016 and hasn’t stopped making them since. Based in Austin, Texas, she believes in giving people the tools and support they need to put themselves out there, whether that’s through their own self-expression or even in their creative businesses.

An enamel pin enthusiast who teaches and shares her skills with others all while making cute and simple illustrations which make people giggle and brings a smile to their faces. Taking inspiration from kawaii culture, mid-century illustration styles, and her very own geeky sensibilities, the mission of The pink samurai is to bring joy to our community with her cute pins and encouraging people on their journeys!



25. The Sleepy Dragon

Instagram: @_thesleepydragon_
Lauren shares her love for all things mythical, geeky, and weeb with the world, through The Sleepy Dragon. She loves learning new styles, experimenting, and making her followers as happy with her designs as she is while making them. She finds immense joy in making the world a happier place through her art and spreading the love.


26. Tiny Forester

Instagram: @tinyforester

A passion project which started as a creative outlet has evolved into the wonderful Tiny Forester shop. Chloe – the graphic designer and brains behind this venture proclaims her love for woodland animals, tattoos, anime, and beverages and also her undisguised hate for kombucha.!
A little shop full of enamel pins, stickers, prints, & more!


27. Unicorn Paper

Instagram: @unicornpaper

Unicorn Paper is a small stationery and accessory shop with a love of whimsy, color, paper, and magic. Alexandra, the artist/designer behind the brand, believes that there is nothing more charming than receiving a heartwarming handwritten note or making someone smile with some cute and sassy flair.

Unicorn Paper offers a variety of cute goodies and even now has a monthly enamel pin and sticker club on Patreon!



28. Violet Cascade

Instagram: @violetcascade

Julia of Violet Cascade from Albury, Australia, loves creating original characters and designs. She shares her love for all things adorable through her cute pins, kawaii style animals, and even recently launched a vinyl figurine of her original fox character called Momo. She realized her love for art ever since she was old enough to hold her pencil and her passion has only grown.



29. Whalephat

Instagram: @whalephat

If you adore cute princess illustration designs and products, then you don’t have to look any further than Whalephat! Jazzrel shares her love for creating cute gadgets, gizmos, and thingamabobs for all the aspiring princess magical girls out there, to leave you spellbound for sure.



30. Yume Moon Studio

Instagram: @yumemoonstudio

Yume Moon Studio was created by Emma Lerouge, a graphic designer from France. An avid collector of Sailor Moon merch and Pullip/Blythe dolls, she kept up this passion for over 12 years, when she stumbled upon enamel pins 4 years ago and instantly fell in love. This led her to her own eureka moment, where after collecting 1000+ pins, and after a few attempts at launching her own creative shop, she opened Yume Moon Studio in January of 2020.

Her shop hosts a bunch of fun goodies along with enamel pins, washi, foil prints, and a multitude of stickers. Filled with cute animals,celestial designs, magical elements, pastel colors, and lots of sparkles you’ll surely be coming back for more!















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